liasion:  you know what baby, i finally figured out something.. your eyebrows remind me of samanthas eyebrows from sex and the city. and she is damn hot, so embrace that shit! i love you and you better publish this so all your haters can see how truly fab you are xoxoxo

I love you girl!!

Anonymous:  It should just give you a longer and smoother top of the foot illusion, more than completely hiding your toes! :) but there not for everyone!

I’ll still buy some, I’ve been meaning to buy some skin coloured thigh highs anyways and now I have a reason to buy some (:

Anonymous:  Did you know that with your absolutely gorgeous pair of bordellos, wearing some skin tone stockings will make your toes look lovely! Just a quick tip!

I don’t think anything can my make look lovely tbh, because my toes can’t fit nicely in shoes because they’re really long :c

but I will definitely buy some and see, thankyou!